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Solomon Star news update

Solomon Star News, 1st February 2011.

Lilo: Bodo must know this nation survives on loggers

Minister of finance and Member of Parliament for Gizo/Kolombangara Gordon Darcy Lilo said the revenue this country generates comes from logging.

Speaking to the Solomon Star Mr Lilo said statement made by Bodo Dettke about him and the Prime Minister saying they survive on logging companies is rooted from his own political interest to personally attack others who strive to serve the interest of this nation.

Mr Lilo said that he and the Prime Minister with the whole nation are surviving on logging industry for the time being while working on tourism and agriculture sectors to boost economy of this country.

“These revenue pay for social services provided for this country.

“These social services covers health, education, transport and so forth.

“Bodo must stop this kind of criticisms as it does not speak well of people and issues,” he said.

Lilo said all these issues must be debated properly and not personalizing matters to spoil reputation of others.

He said the shifting of these MPs are just for personal interests that led them to end up in an ambulance which is so ridiculous and embarrassing when heard and seen by the public and foreigners.

Mr Lilo said he supports former Prime Minister MP for east Choiseul to leave aside personal and self interest then focus on real issues of the country.    

He said he is not willing to comment in the media but because of these leaders personalizing issues in the media so he has to respond to them.

Bodo also accused Lilo of staying at Honiara Hotel for about ten years.

However Lilo said that his accommodation is just the same as the other housing entitlement taken by other MPs in the parliament including Bodo himself.

He said that it is sad that our national leaders are talking about personal things to spoil reputation of others which does not reflect someone with quality to lead this nation.

By John Atai

Ete condemn ambulance incident

Former Minister for Forestry and MP for east Honiara Douglas Ete refuted media reports that he was sighted sitting in the national referral hospital (NRH) ambulance on his way to see Martin Magga on Friday night.

Speaking to the local Journalists during a press conference at the Heritage Park Hotel yesterday Mr Ete said that since he work for the National referral hospital in 2008 he never sit inside of the ambulance because he know it has a purpose and that is for emergency cases of sick people.

“For two years when I work for NRH up until the very moment they falsely claim that I sat in the ambulance is a total liar from the government press secretary and I condemn it,” he said.

He said that government and Alfred Sasako are lying to the nation about their made up stories to spoil his leadership status.

He said that in response to their false claim he condemn it and want such leaders to be honest in what they are telling to the public.

By John Atai

Sofu: I'm with the opposition

RESIGNED Minister for Public Service, Stanley Sofu has maintained his allegiance with the Opposition.

Speaking from his sick bed at the National Referral Hospital yesterday, Mr Sofu said he had already resigned.

"At the start of all this political wrangling, I was touring my constituency," he said.

"I did not finish my tour because I was sick and had to recall to seek further medical treatment in Honiara.

"I am not sure of all these articles written about me in the media," Mr Sofu said.

"I am a man of principle and leader of East Kwaio," he said.

Mr Sofu was taken into the Opposition camp after he arrived from Atoifi, Malaita Province on Sunday’s 6pm flight.

Supporters of the Opposition camp intercepted him after the Government side sent four vehicles to pick him up.

His decision to join the Opposition locked the number game with the Government at 24-24.

Two seats were left vacant in the 50 seat Parliament following the death of Baegu Asifola MP, Toswel Kaua and Shortlands MP, Steve Laore last year.

Initially, the Government wanted Sofu to take his oath at Government House yesterday.

According to the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, Alfred Sasako Government House said Mr Sofu had never resigned.

"The Governor General requested him to take his oath again because he signed the petition."

However, with Mr Sofu maintaining his stand, it seems he will not take his oath.


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